The mission of COMPASS for Youth is to coordinate long-term solutions for California’s at-risk, foster, and homeless youth through transitional and educational opportunities. COMPASS administers support through every potential obstacle in the educational pipeline. We are dedicated to enhancing the lives of youth by cultivating a vibrant community resource that connects youth with the skills, partnerships and services they need to secure a brighter future- through the upward mobility of a university education.


We will achieve this vision by providing one-on-one outreach and prevention methods to high school aged foster care and group home youth. To facilitate success for the long-term needs of those interested in permanent self-reliance, our goal is to establish a community center that empowers homeless, group home, and foster youth individuals through education.


Our mission is accomplished through a system of guiding core values:

  • Opportunity: Every youth is entitled to earn the privilege a four-year university education provides, regardless of circumstance.
  • Dedicated Service: We are passionate about and committed to the relationships we have with every youth and partner organization.
  • Mentorship: Foster one-on-one, sincere relationships with each youth we serve.
  • Motivation:  We strive to create and nurture the mindset that a university education is a realistic, exciting opportunity.




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